Testimonials from colleagues

There are sometimes issues or concerns that come up in the lives of students that are beyond a school counselor’s scope of work and availability. I’ve been able to confidently refer students to Brandy Hofstad for the exceptional therapeutic work she provides for children, adolescents, and families. Brandy is an excellent mental health resource in the Bellevue community and I highly recommend her services.
— Kari Boyd, School Counselor, Sacred Heart School
Brandy and I worked together as Child and Family Therapist prior to her working full time in her own private practice. In the five plus years we worked together, I have stood witness to a wonderfully skilled clinician tackling the most behaviorally and mentally unhealthy population. She is skillful in her ability and approach when confronting individual and challenging them on their goals. I have always been impressed with her honesty and compassion. As a clinician, I continue to make referrals to her private practice as I trust and value her expertise.
— John – MA, LMHC, CMHS
Due to Brandy’s extensive work with youth and families from all different types of backgrounds, she is able to provide invaluable and highly effective therapeutic services that cater to the specific needs of her clients. As a therapist, she empowers her clients and families to find solutions that they feel are the most important and critical to their idea of success. Brandy is also an invaluable resource in navigating complicated systems like schools, adoption agencies and the Children’s administration of Washington State. She does all of this while maintaining a relationship with her clients and families that is respectful, responsive and genuine.
— Jared, Lead Family Support Specialist