Young Adults

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Therapy for young adults (19-25ish) focus on exploration of self and ways to identify the strengths and challenges within the unique and exciting developmental period of young adulthood. Young adulthood brings many transitions that are full of mixed emotions such as, excitement, joy, fear, and many overwhelming feeling,  Every young adults journey is different and therapy can help young through various challenges such as: 

Adjustments (post high school/college) ADHD, Anger Management, Anxiety or Fear, Attachment Issues, Behavioral Issues, Blended Families & Remarriage, Coping Skills, Communication Issues, Depression & Mood, Divorce, Emotional Abuse, Emotional Disturbance, Family of Origin Issues, Family Problems & Conflict, Grief & Loss, Health & Body Image, Identity Issues, Impulse Control, Life Coaching, Life Changes, Low Self-Esteem, Oppositional Defiance, Peer Relationships, Physical Abuse, Relationship Issues, Self-Harming, Sleep Disturbances, Social Skills & Challenges, Suicidal Ideation or Suicidal Thoughts, Self-harming, Transitions, Trauma and PTSD

Common Questions: 

How does individual young adult therapy work?

I offer an open and non-judgmental space to explore and talk about whatever is happening in your life. Young adulthood is full of many transitions and decisions that can feel overwhelming at times. Being able to have a space to explore and talk about various aspects of life and discover ways to navigate an exciting and overwhelming developmental time.

What is the timeline for therapy?

Therapy is unique to each individual/young adult. The length of therapy will vary for each person and what the current situation is. There is no "set" amount of sessions that is required, it is depends on each individuals journey as well as what type of support each person is looking for.

What age range of young adults do you work with?

I work with young adults ranging from 19 years old to 25 years old - give or take a few years ;)


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